Yin Yoga | Full Body Deep Stretch | 70 Minutes

Yin Yoga | Full Body Deep Stretch | 70 Minutes

  • $5.00

In this 70-Minute Yin Yoga class, we practice deep stretch poses to improve total body flexibility and promote relaxation.

We do 10 main poses, with several variations (so you can choose which one feels best for you), and "mini-stretches" or counter poses between the main poses. Poses are held from 3 to 5 minutes. There is a 6-minute Savasana at the end.

We begin and close the practice by focusing on the breath. In this class, breathe in any way that feels comfortable for you. The most important thing is to keep breathing! When poses get intense, stay present to the sensations. If there is sharp pain or extreme discomfort, ease off the pose or choose a less intense version.

Suggested props are a bolster and blanket. The bolster provides support in most forward folds. It can also intensify some poses. The blanket is mostly used for cushioning joints when on all fours and padding your hips when seated. Of course, you may choose to do the class without props as well. It's completely up to you! :)