Be Balanced Diffusor Bracelet - Red Ruby Crazy Lace Agate and Black Lava Stone Stretch Bracelet

  • $44.00

This unique stretch bracelet is made from 8mm red ruby crazy lace agate and authentic lava stone, separated by two handcrafted Ethiopian white metal beads.

Lava stone is the igneous rock formed during volcanic eruptions. Because of the many holes and bubbles created during its formation, naturally formed voids and irregular surfaces are characteristic of the beads, making each bead unique. The porous surface make lava rock the perfect diffusor for your favorite essential oils.  In addition, the stones are believed to have the grounding properties associated with the Root Chakra and are thought to improve strength.  

Red ruby crazy lace agate is a stone of balance and protections. It is believed to bring laughter and absorb emotional pain. Crazy lace agate is used by some to help with making decisions by balancing the physical, emotional, and mental.

Made with durable stretch cord to fit most wrist sizes. Custom sizing available upon request.